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>> Rachel McAdams Icon Challenge

Rachel McAdams Icon Challenge
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Welcome to the Rachel McAdams Icon Challenge!
This community is moderated by xxsweetnsassyxx.

1. All icons must be no larger than 100x100 and can not exceed 40k. They must be in .png .gif or .jpg format. (Basic LJ Icon Standards)
2. You must use the pictures provided. You may blend them together or animate them, but you must use the given pictures.
3. The icon MUST be made by you. No Exceptions.
4. No Copying Allowed.
5. Up to 2 icons are allowed per challenge.
6. Please do not post your icon anywhere until the winners have been announced.
7. You must be a member of the community to enter. Just simply hit "join community" at the top to join.
8. No voting for your own icon.

How to Submit
Please post the icon on the entry with the challenge. Here is how you should post:


--Sample Icon made by: Nancy from RachelMcAdams.org

Sunday: Challenge Beings
Monday-Friday: Submitting your Icons!!
Friday 8pm EST: Entry Deadline, Voting Beings
Friday-Sunday: Winners Announced

Picture Credits
- RachelMcAdams.org
- Rachel-McAdams.com
- Get In The Water

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